Why hire a coach?

People who hire a coach have a desire to make a change in their life, motivate themselves to achieve a goal or realize a dream.  Those who hire a coach want to grow in both their personal and professional life. A holistic coach like Ronnie focuses on each realm of your life to assist you in achieving this success and balance at home and business.

Clients span a variety of ranges and come from diverse backgrounds. I work with executives,  business owners, and anyone who is committed to positive change and growth in their lives.  I only work with those who are willing to move forward, grow, and express their full potential in life.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Motivation – Many times in life , we know what we want to do, however, we can’ t seem to motivate ourselves to move towards that goal. Working with a coach enables you to stretch beyond your comfort zone to archive your desired goals.

Accountability – It’s easy and common for people to exist, despite being unsatisfied with their career, job, and family life. We can logical consider the changes needed to make things better, though become paralyzed by schedules, routines, etc. A coach holds you accountable to making decisions, changes, and quantum leaps in your life.

Introspection – Because so many of us are stuck in the rat-race working 10 to 12 hours a day, we don’t truly know what we want out of life. Western society does not give much value to introspection. As a result, we often don’t identify our most authentic self until later in life. Coaching supports personal awareness around core values and goals thereby living a life that reflects them.

Goal Setting – Many people live years without knowing their values or goals; while others are aware of them but do not work towards them. they may know their goals but do not quantify them or measure them. This is why so many people don’t move forward with their goals by developing action plans to achieve them. A Coach helps you to determine your goals in life and business and to set specific, personalized steps to achieving.


Confusion remains regarding the distinctions between coaching and other disciplines, such as a therapist, mentor, or consultant. They are in fact quite different and it is important to understand the distinctions between them (see table below). For example, therapy is intended to help people recover from emotional or other psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety. Coaching, on the other hand, is intended to support self-awareness and achieve personal goals. The process is action oriented, forward moving and growth-based. These distinctions can be clarified during your introductory conversation.





While business and self-help books provide a volume of great and useful information to learn they cannot hold you accountable for applying what you learned, specifying measurable goals, and creating a strategy to achieving those goals. Without the commitment to daily application of new strategies, ideas, and behavior, there is limited opportunity to establish sustainable change.

A book cannot mirror your ingrained and often unconscious patterns of behavior that shape your daily actions.  A professional coach can reflect these things back so you can re-frame the thoughts and patterns of your past to establish new perspectives on current and future opportunities.

What is relationship coaching?

Relationship coaching is a specialization that helps people to engage in more fulfilling and effective relationships, beginning with theconnection they share with themselves.The overriding goal of relationship coaching is to deepen awareness; giving individuals, couples or partnerships more access to understand the motivation behind behavior.

In the foreground a relationship coach will help to identify goals, craft action plans and hold you accountable to your declarations. In the background the focus will be in bringing your most authentic self forward. It is up to the client whether they want to be coached independently or with their partner. A relationship coach can help reveal the essence of  who you are and what you desire from a partnership; once established your coach will support you in embracing sustainable behavior so that you can live your vision.

By creating a no judgment zone, Ronnie helps you find answers within yourself and determine the best path to achieving them. She focuses on where you are in your life right now and where you want to be.

Do I need to choose a coach who lives close to me?

Not at all! In fact, most coaching is conducted over the phone or the internet. And because getting the right “fit” is so important in finding the right coach, you are encouraged to find the coach whose training, experience, and background closely match with your specific goals. This might be someone who lives in your city, but may also be someone in a different town. Remember, it’s finding the right coach, not the closest coach that matters.