Executive Leadership Coach

Leaders want Results

Ronnie is certified through the International Coach Federation, trained as an Organization and Relationship Systems Coach and a certified consultant for the Strength Deployment Inventory and DiSC.
For the past 10 ears she has coached senior executives, and emerging leaders for government agencies as well as for public and private sectors. Her corporate responsibilities, coupled with the breadth of her consulting work provides a deep appreciation for the ongoing challenges leaders and organizations face. Ronnie cultivates generative, action-oriented partnerships, while providing a powerful blend of compassion and keen intuition. She coaches by example, holding leaders and teams accountable for their transformation. They value her ability to readily connect, comprehend and communicate. Ronnie is skilled at identifying the needs of organizations and teams. Through varied assessments and tools, clients recognize what they need to learn, observe and practice as a means of furthering their development. Ronnie engages leaders in a process around self- awareness and mindfulness, drawing distinctions between habitual and responsive behavior. They experience how moving away from their assumptions and choosing instead to operate from “real” data impacts efficiency, collaboration, productivity and overall more resilient relationships. The net outcome promotes achieving results consistent with their capacity and purpose.

Additional benefits include:

  • Managing the uncertainty of ongoing change, be it planned or unexpected; such as working under new leadership, doing more with less, transitioning from a management to leadership role.
  • Furthering specific competencies; such as leadership presence or communication
  • Identifying your personal brand of leadership
  • Realizing and achieving professional goals
  • Managing conflict constructively and overcoming the destructive drain
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