What my Clients are Saying


“I have had the opportunity to work with many coaches, and Ronnie is among the best. She gives her full self to the client, and even though her focus is truly and completely on that client, she still brings her own personality and history to the interaction, sharing her experiences and ideas, and creating a safe space for a true partnership. Ronnie is terrific at recognizing where specific clients are in their development, assessing their particular needs, and then using different approaches that stretch in the directions most needed to maximize insight and effectiveness. Ronnie brings joy and a positive spirit that can move mountains. I am very lucky to have found her, and recommend her to others with full confidence.

Associate Deputy Administrator, U.S. Government Agency

“Ronnie is an extremely bright and caring leadership coach. Ronnie assisted me in the exploration of personal style and behavioral issues to develop strategies that I have used to improve my capabilities and performance as a leader and communicator. Her use of thought-provoking homework assignments and holding me accountable for achieving results facilitated my learning and personal growth. Most importantly, Ronnie helped me to assess and pinpoint my developmental needs and associated goals in a holistic manner. Her coaching style has supported me in developing my confidence and making longstanding changes both personally and professionally.”

Manager, U.S. Department of Transportation

“I had an incredible experience with Ronnie; I wish I could turn her into my life coach. I have gained a great deal of insight and have grown so much from our coaching sessions. She’s thought provoking, inspiring, fun and funny. She really held my feet to the fire and “kissed me over the edge” when venturing into uncomfortable territory. She’s been an invaluable resource here at OIG.”

Project Manager, OIG

“Ronnie helped me regain my confidence and operate from that place. I was pretty confused and frustrated with the status of my life. I had worked with several counselors and therapists; coaching was a new experience. It was hard work. She asked me questions I had never considered and helped me “get comfortable with the uncomfortable” I really felt like Ronnie was my partner;she held me accountable and that was what made the difference for me. I am forever changed thanks to Ronnie and the work we did together.”

K.B. Entrepreneur

“Ronnie’s enthusiasm, positive energy and compassion helped us create an instant rapport despite having all our sessions via SKYPE. We shared stuff with Ronnie we hadn’t even revealed to each other. After seven years of marriage, two babies and working full time, our marriage was really suffering. Ronnie not only helped us become better communicators, we became better friends and lovers.”

JT and MS, San Jose CA

“Ronnie and I began to work together months after my divorce, starting a new job with a new company and in a different city. I felt paralyzed by it all. Ronnie is extremely compassionate and she helped me notice how I let my emotions get in the way of my rational thought processes. I was my worst critique and saw this as a good thing. I never realized how crippling my judgment was until working with Ronnie. The new awareness I gained from coaching is helping me be more attuned to my how my thoughts, influence my actions and effect my results. It’s been an amazing journey, I am forever grateful for our time together.”

VP HR, Biotech Industry